Bargains by the sea

Temptation was all around me today. Brighton is a pretty cool place to be, its busy, bohemian, buzzing and …err… by the sea. I also like its green credentials, and now, especially, its charity shops.

Its not surprising there’s a pretty high standard of donations in the centre of town, being a trendsetting kind of a place. The trendsetters need somewhere to offload when renewing their wardrobes.

My husband and daughter went off to eat ice cream, play on the beach and put 2ps in machines, I took a couple of hours out to investigate.

My first stop was Barnardo’s on West Street. This is a lovely, welcoming shop with friendly staff, and the stock and layout gave it a Springtime and seaside feel. My first buy of the day wasn’t particularly Springy, being a black 92% polyester 8% elastane mini skirt. It had a leather/suede kind of look and a soft feel to it. I’ve paired it here with a find from Oxfam on North Street.

H&M black polyester/elastane mix mini skirt

H&M black polyester/elastane mix mini skirt, £2.99, Barnardo’s West Street, Brighton.

Next I went to, what now is one of my favourite charity shops ever, Oxfam on North Street. It is full of good quality, quirky, vintage and retro style. I must have used one of my two designated browsing hours in this shop alone. The shop layout makes it easy to browse, but I find this with most Oxfam’s – there is more browsing space rather than trying to pack as much stock onto the shop floor as possible. Here is what I came out with – although there really could have been much more …

Black roll-neck jumper

La Redoute black roll-neck jumper, £5.99, Oxfam North Street, Brighton

Regulation black roll-neck jumper, which has been missing from my wardrobe.

Navy blue and white striped long sleeve T-shirt

French Connection navy blue and white striped long sleeve T-shirt with sequined orange bat shape, £3.99, Oxfam North Street, Brighton

I have been searching for a good quality Breton-style long sleeved T-Shirt, and with this one I get an added extra – a sequined bat.

Purple satin long sleeved top with floral design

Miss Selfridge purple satin long sleeved top with floral design, £4.99, Oxfam North Street, Brighton

A lovely floral top for Spring.

I really recommend going and having a charity shop browse around Brighton. Its a treasure trove!!

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