For those little accidents

You know how a four year old’s eyes glaze over in amazement when they see an area of water with the potential for play. They’ve normally half stripped off and are ankle deep before you can shout “NO! I don’t have a change of clothes!”

Well this happened on Bank Holiday Monday in Croydon Road Recreation Ground in Beckenham as we were killing time before going to the cinema to watch the new Cinderella film.

Of course you know what happened. I didn’t have the heart to drag her out of the water on a sunny day, then SPLASH she was there one minute, on her bottom the next.

I told her I didn’t think Mr Odeon would be too happy with wet seats, so we went onto the high street to see what emergency outfit I could pull together in 10 minutes.

Scope came to my rescue.

Kids white cotton top and long denim shorts from Scope, Beckenham

Beetlejuice white cotton top/dress, age 3 (but plenty of room as a top), with floral embroidery and blue ribbon detail, £2.99 from Scope, Beckenham

Primark Denim Co. long shorts, age 6-7, with adjustable waist, £2.50 from Scope, Beckenham

I have to say the outfit did look very cute, and I most definately enjoyed the charity shopping more than the film. I’m not a Disney person, and seemingly neither is Bella as she slept all the way through it!!!

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