Life without Facebook

First world problems eh!

Well, we found out just over a week ago that our first world problems might just have got bigger. And the way Facebook handled it, and some of the content I couldn’t seem to avoid, led me to deactivate my account. I must have had my account for 10 years or so.

My husband’s first reaction was ‘But what about all your photos?’. Which surprised me. He’s never been big on social media or self promotion, but via my Facebook posts he enjoyed browsing and remembering things he’d done. That hadn’t even occurred to me. I still have these images, but not in such a convenient format.

I’m also an admin of 3 other Facebook pages:

  • One related to this blog – where I have probably experienced the least interaction with regard to my chosen subject – but a relatively high number of followers. From my own Facebook use, I found its easy to ‘Follow’ pages and forget you’ve done it (unlike with Twitter) – so the drop off rate is low.
  • One for the parents of my daughter’s school class – but I have a fellow admin to take on the role. But again, the highest rate of interaction with the parents is elsewhere – mostly WhatsApp.
  • And finally, one for a charity I’m involved in. This is the only problem I’ve found with leaving Facebook – but the number of followers was not that high and they have their own very active closed Facebook forum – so I’m not sure anyone would notice.

I feel like I’ve cut myself off from a few people that matter in my life, but there are other means of communicating. I’ve just started using WhatsApp. It seems good enough. Everything doesn’t need to be public. Or I could be ‘old school’ and pick up the phone, or hop on a train – even better.

I’m not missing Facebook. I’ve gained some spare time back – I think. Or am I just spending more time on Twitter and Instagram?

I went out last night and took a group photo. The kind I would have automatically Facebooked to show people what I was up to. So instead I Instagrammed it. But many of my friends and family aren’t on Instagram. However, this has added a more personal element to my Instagram feed, which is primarily about charity shops and reuse. It puts a context to the items I’ve found.

I love blogging. Even if no-one reads it, its just nice to be creative and have a body of work that is all mine. The best blogs take time, and I don’t have much to spare – hence my ramshackle collection of text and images. I’ve just re-read this paragraph about 10 times – each time being interrupted by a little person trying to grab my attention. It takes time to stage carefully thought through imagery, and to put a selection of edited images together and compose an article. Some blogs out there look absolutely stunning – they inspire me.

Instagram is my saviour. If I realise I’m wearing an all-secondhand outfit, or I’ve just purchased something amazing that I have to tell like-minded souls about, I can take a quick snap, or get my 4 yr old to do it (she’s getting quite good), et voilà. Instant promotion and instant reaction.

Please do check out my Instagram feed, if you like, where the featured image here is from. By my standards, it doing pretty well at the moment. And there are some second hand gems – a Ralph Lauren cardigan, a Mulberry skirt, a pair of Urban Outfitters shoes, an M&S cat – take a look @mycharityshoplife.