The 40 item wardrobe – Part 2

Feeling light and virtuous having just off-loaded three full bags of clothes to British Red Cross on Penge High Street. This was after sorting through all my shirts, tops and whatever else was left in the wardrobe to be considered.  (See Part 1 for a – e).

f) Tops

It was tempting to class some of my tops/t-shirts as gym or sleepwear, and therefore save them from the process. But I don’t have a gym membership.


Random T-shirts and tops

It wasn’t too hard to eliminate the Top Shop cropped top (top left) and the American Apparel (free with Mailchimp subscription) Mailchimp monkey T-shirt. What remains is for Pilates etc so isn’t included in the final tally.

Other things that aren’t included in the final tally – my precious band T-shirts and my Doncaster Rovers shirt. They have purposes – rare occasions – but important.

Band T-shirts

Band T-shirts

Next come the formal tops:

Formal tops

Formal tops

Most of them might not look very formal, but for me, they are. I’m not a formal kind of person. I decided to eliminate my recent charity shop Zara purchase (top right). I wasn’t completely sure about it anyway. And the purple floral Miss Selfridge top, also from a charity shop. Its pretty, but I don’t wear it. The rest can stay.

And now my long sleeved T-shirts:


Long-sleeved casual tops

I like my stripes. The top left Top Shop cropped T-shirt is now too misshapen and baggy – so it’s going. Can I call the black body (bottom centre) underwear? I like the idea of it but the deep V is impractical, as well as the fact that bodies can sometimes be entirely impractical. Oh OK, its gone. Maybe. No, I’m keeping it.

g) Suits/blazers


Suits, blazers

On the left is a Sandra Pabst wool suit from a charity shop in Berlin. I love it, even though I rarely wear it. I promise myself I will wear it this Autumn. I also love my pale pink H&M blazer. But the black D&G blazer on the right is quite 80s and imposing. I got it from a vintage shop in Florence – seemed like a good idea – but I have another black blazer that I wear all the time. So its going and hopefully will make the British Red Cross a nice bit of money.

h) Whatever is left

The remainder

The remainder

All preloved stuff.

i) A BooHoo playsuit. I’ve worn it once. I really like it despite being impractical. I’m keeping it for now as an aspirational piece – it needs those rare days when you are fully prepared, feeling slimmer and the weather is right (I have a feeling I won’t be holding on to it for long).

ii) A Hennes stirrup patterned polyester shirt – never worn. The unusual pattern seemed vintage and classy – but I can’t get on with the polyester. Its going. I have also disposed of the A-line skirt from Part 1, as I was saving this shirt for it.

iii) An East slouchy jacket – worn once. Felt like a good idea at the time but it wasn’t.

iv) A Leopard print mini dress, also worn as a top. Pattern only suitable for evenings. Its comfortable, hangs nicely, packs really small and doesn’t crease – perfect for holidays – its a keeper.

v) A frilly beaded shrug thing – can make a plain outfit stand out – keeping it.

vi) Remade Polka dot jump suit – still undecided.

So that’s the bulk of the work done. I have decided to keep shoes out of this. That’s just way too difficult. There’s so many types: sandals, Uggs, Docs, trainers, knee highs, ankle boots, ballerinas, work shoes, wellies, hiking boots – nope, can’t do it.

So, the total as its stands at the moment is 50 items.

Part 3 will be to get this total down to 40 – and then to pledge my alleigence to these clothes, to promise to love and look after them – and only do one-in-one-out thereafter. I’m finding this quite fun. But I’m weird like that.

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