The right side of 40

I’ve joined the club. I can start blogging about #fortiesfashion #fortiesstyle, etc etc. Err, maybe not. I’m not quite sure what that is. Here’s my first post-forties ‘What I Wore’. As you can see, photography doesn’t necessarily get better with age. The mirror is still mucky, and I’ve waited until there is no natural daylight, while Bella is in the bath.

So I’ve included some old Instagram snaps so you can see what the outfit is made up of, some classic, good quality wardrobe staples for a fraction of the cost. Funnily enough, just what I was wearing in my #thirties.

Abercrombie & Fitch jeans from British Red Cross, Penge
Uniqlo short-sleeved white blouse from British Heart Foundation, Penge

Here’s some more Instagram snaps. Because I am prone to impatience I can’t seem to help firing out my charity shop finds on social media, rather than lovingly creating an informative blog post.


  1. The only museum I have found that Isabella has not asked to leave through being bored. The V&A Museum of Childhood, Bethnal Green.
  2. One of my most favourite finds ever, and one of the most popular I’ve posted on Instagram, an Asos shift dress from the Mind charity shop in Crystal Palace.
  3. Part of my 40th birthday celebrations, went to see The Wedding Present and The Wonderstuff at O2 Forum Kentish Town – amazing gig.
  4. Some bits and bobs I picked up for not very much money at St Christopher’s Hospice charity shop in Penge – that’s Clinique blusher, some bright red nail polish, some L’Occitane conditioner and some marbles. All great except for the conditioner. Should have realised it was from a hotel – pretty ineffective. VERY effective nail polish.
  5. Midlife crisis? Or just returning to what I always loved. Loud guitars, gigs, rock n roll stars etc. Got my first guitar lesson soon. The leather jacket is from a charity shop – British Red Cross in Penge. I can thoroughly recommend the book. John Lydon is a legend – frequently misunderstood in the past. I could quote from that book all day.
  6. Bit of Bowie. Love Bowie. Now Bella does too.

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