A winter one-in-one-out

The one-in-one-out wardrobe policy was in full effect today. I didn’t even plan it. I knew we were going to spend the day in Herne Hill, just three stations up the line from here, and therefore I was probably going to visit one of my favourite charity shops, Herne Hill Oxfam.

It has also been a lovely, sunny, but very cold day in south London – so I had to go dressed appropriately. The only coat I have that can keep me warm for sustained periods out in the cold is rather loud and pink.


Its from a Benetton sale about 7-8 years ago. I remember wondering if bright pink was a good idea (there was no other colour) and weighed up the sale price against such a good quality, practical item. I have only ever really worn it when I had to, hence its in really good condition – and very comfy. So comfy and effective that so far I had not let go of it. That is until I saw this in Oxfam.


A black, padded Antoni and Alison coat in great condition and in my size. Well, it would have been silly not to. It is not as padded, and the sleeves are not elasticated or as long as the pink coat, so cold air can get in. However, the neck is fantastic, the pockets are deeper, the length gives more warmth and the colour means I will be wearing it regularly for the rest of winter.

So I handed over my pink snuggly sleeping bag of a coat, gift-aided it, and bought a new, welcome addition to my winter wardrobe. Job done.

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