Charity shop-sourced party bags

For my daughter’s fifth birthday I have challenged myself to source the party bags and contents from charity shops. There will be 15 children, 4 of them are boys, 2 of them are 3 yrs old (the rest are around 5 yrs old)

So here’s how I’ve done so far. The job isn’t finished but I’m nearly there.


There is no end of small cute bags out there for about £1 each or less. Some are really pretty. I’ve bought one bag for a boy so far – High School Musical themed – but it looks boyish. Theres also a cute little Paddington Bear bag for one of the younger children. At least the kids can keep them and use them afterwards.

For the contents, again, I wanted to do something useful that they could keep. Most of the kids have just started school, so there’s a mixture of story books and ‘learning to read’ books. They ranged in price from 10p to 50p each and I chose ones in good condition.


Then for other fillers I found a bumper pack of hair clips, so I split them up and attached them to those bits of ribbon used to hang skirts on hangers (I knew they’d come in useful!).


And some Matchbox cars for the boys. Trying to stay unisex and charity shop-sourced was just a task too far.


Plus some other bits and pieces, like finger puppets and kids jewellery – and I think we are there. There was a little help from Lidl with some sweet things.

So I think the whole lot has cost just over £20. Which I don’t think is bad at all. It was fun too.

I’d like to thank:

Cancer Research UK, Beckenham

Sense, Beckenham

Sense, Penge

St Christopher’s Hospice, Beckenham

St Christopher’s Hospice, Penge

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