A Christmas Swish

Free clothes! How does that sound? And a party as well? What more could you ask for?

A very good friend of mine held one of her eagerly awaited clothes swap parties (aka a swish) last night. I’ve reported on one of these before.

Each participant brought a selection of clothes – the kind you would be happy for a friend to adopt – to be strewn, vintage boutique-style, around the living area. Mirrors are placed conveniently, the lights are dim enough to be complimentary and sparkly enough to be festive.

Here’s my contribution – preloved pieces that have featured on this blog before, but are now making way for new preloved items.

Here are my reasons:

H&M tartan skirt – too big
St Michael black cardigan – just not happening for me
Massimo Dutti coat – I bought one I like much more from a vintage shop and don’t have any more coat space
H&M red jumper – that shade of red makes me look ill
LK Bennett black and white skirt – I’m not that sophisticated

There was mulled wine and nibbles on the go and to get people in the mood. There’s always a nervousness about being the first one to delve in and claim a piece. But our excellent host knows how to break down inhibitions.

So here’s what I bagged!


French connection wrap-around blouse


Cute little Laura Ashley red blouse with white polka dots


Chinese Laundry ballerina pumps


Primark strappy ballerina pumps (a size too big, but the straps mean they don’t fall off)


A H&M multicoloured, stripe pattern, drop-waist dress. This photo doesn’t do the pattern justice. Check out my Instagram feed for a better image.

There were a few other items too – a navy blue playsuit, some jewellery for Isabella. I came away with more than I gave which is an issue for me. I’ve got to find more things to donate to charity so I can get the wardrobe balance back.

As for the items I contributed – only the black and white LK Bennett skirt didn’t go. Mind you after a few mulled wines and prosecco – we were having too much of a good time for a sophisticated skirt.

Swishes are so easy to organise and so much fun. Catch up with mates and make changes to your wardrobe – ethically.

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