#ootd and #botd

You know when you can tell its going to be a good day. The kind of day when you know making an effort with the fake tan will pay dividends.

Anyway, I’ve just found this amazing black Aquascutum shift dress in my local British Heart Foundation for £8.99. I love it soooo much I just had to share it.

Aquascutum dress

Enough said. It is a lovely dress and one of those charity shopping moments where it all comes together.

And of course I couldn’t leave Isabella out. She chose …

Babar book

Babar book, 70p, British Heart Foundation, Penge

Really looking forward to more charity shop exploits this afternoon at Save the Children’s Mary’s Living and Giving shop on Upper Street in Islington, where Grazia magazine is hosting a pop-up shop.

See this link: http://www.graziadaily.co.uk/2015/06/join-us-tomorrow-at-the-grazia-x-marys-living-and-giving-pop-up-charity-shop#.VXA4MIVwbIU

I shall report back!

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