A trip to Grandma’s

A blog post is definitely needed today. Last night I went to possibly the best gig of my life and I’m having trouble coming to terms with it being over. Time to apply my preoccupations constructively and creatively, promoting reuse.

Time to combine charity shops and shoegaze again. Its my USP.

The gig was in Glasgow, and I live in London. I was prepared to travel such a great distance as I happen to think that this band is the best band in the world and the last time I saw them was in 1992. Needless to say, the band, and myself, and the rest of the crowd are no longer spring chickens, but that didn’t affect anything. It was an intense, blissful evening of noisy brilliance shared among comrades. No, it was better than that. Anyway, that’s enough gushing.

In between London and Glasgow we have Grandma and Grandpa, who Bella absolutely adores, so my husband and I got a rare night away.

I travel very lightly. I like to keep things simple. Here’s some of my long weekend, charity shop-sourced and preloved essentials.


Pink long sleeved Primark T-shirt, age 4-5, 99p, British Heart Foundation, Penge

Yellow cuddly duck (name: Quackers), 50p, British Heart Foundation, Penge

Grey, Nica handbag (perfect size for gigs), free, from a clothes swap party (AKA a ‘swish’)

…and a couple of items I featured recently, my Miss Selfridge purple floral print top from Brighton North Street Oxfam

Purple satin long sleeved top with floral design

Miss Selfridge purple satin long sleeved top with floral design, £4.99, Oxfam North Street, Brighton

and Bella’s practical lilac summer dress from BHF Penge yet again.

Primark dress and Clarks shoes

Then there’s the reading material, a particular CBeebies favourite of mine …

The Octonauts and the Great Penguin Race, 50p, British Heart Foundation, Penge

The Octonauts and the Great Penguin Race, 50p, British Heart Foundation, Penge

My new favourite reading material is now this:

Ride fanzine

The brilliant Ride fanzine by Mr Mark Taylor aka @RidetheNetwork. Much better written than any of my ramblings. Hope everyone at the Ride gig in Manchester tonight had a great time. If it was anything like the Barrowlands gig then it was something very special indeed. Time to work on the next generation! Reuse and shoegaze – its our only hope.


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