Some recent preloved purchases

Here’s a few things I found in the past couple of days that I thought I would share. There’s no particular theme, hence no snappy title. Just some practical everyday finds.

Today I found another outfit for Isabella. Not an emergency one this time, but just because nicer weather is, I think, starting to appear and she’s outgrown last years summer dresses.

Primark dress and Clarks shoes

This purple Primark dress was £1.99 from British Heart Foundation, Penge, and the navy blue leather shoes were a bargain at £3 from the St Christopher’s Hospice shop, also in Penge. They are by Clarks and although you can tell they’ve been worn well, they definitely have a second life in them.

And for me … just a little treat on my lunch break …


A brand new pair of ivory coloured tights with a really cute flower pattern, worn here with my trusty British Heart Foundation, Penge, Doc Martens. The brand of tights is Opening Ceremony by Chloe Sevigny and they are really good quality. I love them so I hope they last a while. Charity shops can be pretty good for the odd brand new accessory that the donor may have had second thoughts over.

That’s all folks. Happy shopping and think preloved!

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