Emergency gig coat

So the next event in the unusually busy social diary was the Charlatans gig at the Camden Roundhouse on 16 March. It was a Monday, and quite near my birthday, so I decided to treat myself to a hotel room near the venue so I could keep the whole night tube/bus, being woken up at 6am by Isabella, feeling crap at work, etc to a minimum. A definate sign of my age, but was such a good decision. Am now looking at gigs as mini-breaks.

Anyway, as has often happened during March and April, I went out wearing clothes that sent out vibes to welcome in the Spring, but seemed to have the opposite effect. Needed warmth. During my lunch break I scanned the charity shops of Holloway Road and came back with this little number for £29.99 from the British Heart Foundation.


£29.99 might seem a bit steep for a charity shop coat, but it is by Massimo Dutti, wool mix, double breasted and fitted perfectly. It was a bit bobbly, but nothing I couldn’t sort out. It was well worth the money in my opinion, especially considering where the money was going. And I had a fantastic night out in it with my friends watching a band I have loved since I was 14.


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