Retail Therapy

Had a really good day at work today, so I thought I’d treat myself with a little charity retail therapy on the way to nursery.

I didn’t have much time so I had to choose my shop wisely, somewhere I knew there was consistently good stock, as I didn’t have the time to browse for long. So I went to my old favourite Oxfam shop in Herne Hill.

My one-in-one-out policy went a bit haywire recently, with more coming in than going out – but I believe I have redressed the balance. For example, this hastily bought item from my last blog entry:

Pink and silver striped Oasis jumper, £5.50, Cancer Research UK, Bromley

I have a couple of things to say about this jumper. Firstly, what was I thinking? (We all make mistakes, even after 10 years). And secondly, I tugged a stray bit of silver thread on the arm and before I knew it the arm had dropped off. So I did the same to the other arm and Isabella had a cool pair of legwarmers for the amount of time it took for me to get sick of picking up silver fluff from the floor. This jumper was donated back to a charity shop as rag.

Anyway, back to today’s amazing finds – these are keepers!:

Gap jumper

Black and maroon stripy Gap jumper, £8.99
I love big wide stripes, they feel quite indie. Its in great condition.

Tara Jarman shorts

Grey Tara Jarman shorts, £9.99
Wondered if I could get away with these as a late thirtysomething, but I’m wearing them now with opaque black tights and the Gap jumper above, and they seem great to me.

H&M jumper

Red H&M jumper, £5.99
Was determined to buy things that weren’t black or grey. For a donated H&M jumper this is in surprisingly good condition.

Black blouse with white stars

Black blouse with tiny white stars, Autograph Essentials by M&S, £6.99
Love the tiny stars.

Black leather bag

Black leather bag, Jones the Bootmaker, £12.99
I checked my laptop fitted in this before I purchased – and it was a perfect fit. I don’t think it was meant for laptops – but it is now. Finally a practical but stylish and feminine bag I can lug around on my commute instead of my awkward rucksack.

45 quid spent – not bad eh!

Here’s a tip – there’s a gorgeous long DKNY beige/brown tweedy kind of coat in Oxfam Herne Hill for £24.99 – who can get to it first!

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