Preloved and pink

I’m one of those people that REALLY feels the cold. I never used to be like this – being from the north you could often find my friends and I in Doncaster town centre of a winter evening without coats and accessories, young, free and … I won’t go on. Nowadays, you can find me in the offices of the Charity Retail Association at my laptop in hat, scarf and fingerless gloves.

My wardrobe, for some reason is in perpetual Spring. I’m always layering – at the moment layering coats.

I therefore set myself the task of finding more good quality second-hand woollens. I’ve mentioned before that, in my experience, finding good quality jumpers in charity shops in the styles that I like is difficult. Quite often its obvious why they have been donated, stretched, bobbly, daft styles, like short sleeved jumpers (why?).

But yesterday in Bromley, I did pretty well. I’d never been one for wearing pink before, but since I went bottle blonde I really like pink. Here’s what I found:

Dusky pink White Stuff woollen dress, £4.75, Cancer Research UK, Bromley

White Stuff dress, £4.75, Cancer Research UK, Bromley

This dress is really good quality and holds its shape well. I would only ever wear it over leggings and skinny jeans as clingy woollen dresses can be a bit inappropriate, but it is nice and warm with some pretty detailing.

Pink and silver striped Oasis jumper, £5.50, Cancer Research UK, Bromley

Oasis baby pink fluffy jumper with silver stripes, £5.50, Cancer Research UK, Bromley

Pink fluffy jumpers are something I would never have worn in my previous life, but I really like it with blonde hair. I’ve only been blonde for about a year and its still a novelty – can’t quite believe its me sometimes. Prior to that I was always very dark brown and sometimes black.

I like to mix really girly things with scruffy/casual, more masculine items.

Anyway – hope you like today’s post. I think my next one should be about donating, due to wardrobe space.

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