Outfit of the Day: Nursery run grunge

Here is my first OOTD. Just like all the bloggers do, right?

Mine are a bit different though. I don’t have a great camera, or someone to take the picture for me. And I’ll be pretty much on my way somewhere – so if I’ve put an outfit on that I realise is mostly second-hand – I’ll try to get a snap of it. If you’ve seen my blog before – you’ll be getting used to jaunty angles of my sitting room.

Outfit of the day

Leather jacket: One of my most recent purchases. I was in Horsham and went into Cancer Research UK, who were having a sale. I bought 2 coats – pretty extravagant for me – but I couldn’t let this go. The arms are a little short, but otherwise it fits. I love the shape and the big seventies collar. It was £5, down from £8 – can you believe it!

Price tag

Skirt: CLIC Sargent’s Fix Up Look Sharp label, as featured before

FULS tartan skirt

Doc Marten Chelsea boots: Vintage, £25 from Rokit, Camden Market – had them about 10 years.

Rat: AKA Ratty, Ikea.

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