Pre-loved clothes for a cold climate

If you hadn’t gathered – hey! I’ve just got back from Berlin. It was freezing. But good freezing and nothing a nice big gluhwein couldn’t cure. Crisp clean air and crisp clean snow – which Isabella got to experience on a large scale for the first time – she loved it.

So of course we had to prepare for this. I always travel light, nevertheless, second-hand items featured in mine and Isabella’s capsule wardrobe luggage. Some items have appeared in the blog before and some haven’t.

For Isabella:

Thermal leggings

Thermal leggings, free, hand-me-down from a friend – thanks Annette!

Little Joule dress

Brown and pink striped Little Joule dress, £2 from St Christopher’s Hospice shop

M&S white, furry kids coat

M&S white, furry kids coat, £4.99, British Heart Foundation, Penge

And for me:

Cold weather second-hand outfit

Beanie hat, £1, Age UK, Orpington
Nica shoulder bag, free, from a clothes swap party

Doc Martens

Doctor Martens, £40 brand new from British Heart Foundation, Penge

Preloved accessories for a cold climate fake fur coat, free, from a friend who didn’t want it anymore

Black velvet scarf, £5, from a vintage shop in Hay-on-Wye

TU fake fur hat, free, from a clothes swap party (I picked it up for Isabella’s dressing up basket – but came in handy for Berlin)

Grey jumper (front)

Grey jumper (front), £3.99 from Age UK, Bowers Fold, Doncaster

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