mycharityshoplife does Berlin

… well I can’t really say I did Berlin. We had a wonderful family break there for 5 days, and I found an opportunity for a bit of second-hand clothes shopping. I have to say, I LOVE Berlin and am looking forward to going back and investigating its mindblowing history further.

But back to the subject of this blog – Berlin does have a good reputation for vintage and second-hand. The Rough Guide to Berlin says “you’ll find unusual (and trendy) items here at very low prices. Easy access to the discarded wardrobes of the East…”.

The Guide pinpointed 5 second-hand shops, and I chose to go to Humana, as I had heard of it before and vaguely remembered it had a charitable purpose. There are several Humana stores in Berlin, but the biggest and easiest for me to get to was in the Friedrichshain district at Frankfurter Tor.

Humana shop

Humana shop, Frankfurter Tor, Friedrichshain, Berlin

The shop is massive and in a GDR-era department store building. Four floors of well-organised vintage, second-hand, nostalgie, whether women’s, men’s, kid’s, bridal, shoes, accessories, toys and homewares. The layout makes for easy browsing – but you need a lot of time.

I could have bought soooo much! But my eyes first fell upon one outfit, which was on a model, and I thought looked good and could serve many purposes. See main image and below:

Sandra Pabst woollen 2 piece outfit

Sandra Pabst woollen 2 piece outfit, 39 euro from Humana store, Friedrichshain

I didn’t have time to try it on, but luckily it fits really well. Its smart, warm and soft, in great condition and good quality. This woollen, mustard-brown, Sandra Pabst 2-piece skirt suit has a wide rollneck collar and wide sleeves. Sandra Pabst is a Berlin designer and label, but I can’t find much information about her apart from she was considered up and coming during the 80s and various boutiques in Germany stock her label. The suit looks great with my vintage Salvatore Ferragamo boots that I picked up in Florence.

Salvatore Ferragamo boots

Salvatore Ferragamo boots bought from a vintage store in Florence for 90 euros.

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