The Christmas one – #secondhandfirst, some facts, and Penge beware!

Hi there. I’m still holding to my #secondhandfirst pledge – nothing ‘new’ has entered my wardrobe. This is probably a reason why I haven’t blogged for a while, but also, everything has gone crazy in the run up to Christmas. Soft play parties (my daughter’s friends are turning 4), family visits, Christmas dos … and isn’t it supposed to slow down at work around now? Well it hasn’t.

Anyway, speaking of work, I thought I’d share some information on charity shops with you – taken from the Demos report commissioned by the Charity Retail Association, entitled Giving Something Back:

  1. Charity shops raise over £290 million for their parent charities every year.
  2. Charity shops reduce carbon emmisions through their reuse activity.
  3. Over 213,000 volunteers work in charity shops.
  4. One third of volunteers sampled were retired, and 29% of volunteers planned to go on to work or study.
  5. 80 per cent of charity shop volunteers sampled said volunteering improved their self-esteem and confidence, and 61% said it had a positive impact in physical and mental health.
  6. 90 per cent of volunteers valued the socialising aspect of working in a charity shop and meeting new people

Just a few thoughts for you over the Christmas period.

I’ll get back to the fun stuff next year – watch this space for more nursery run chic, 7am commuter train style, ‘getting ready in the dark’ surprise trendsetting and (beware Penge!) some MASS post-Christmas DECLUTTERING!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year x

(Image: Photobombed by Isabella’s aptly named Mr Penguin, £2.99, BHF, Penge)

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