Learning something new

This morning I set out on the nursery run without my purse. This was to prevent me from dropping by the high street and having an impromptu charity shop browse. As I reported in my last blog post, my wardrobe is in a good place, and I don’t need anything.

It didn’t work. I went into the ALD Life shop on Penge High Street, and I’m so glad I did. I met Natasha and Pete, who work there. They were really friendly and informative – and did a great sales job on me!

The first item I spotted was this 2-tier, fold out, wooden sewing box, complete with thread, needles, pins, buttons, 3 pairs of scissors and various other tools, for £15. I love the vintage look, but better than that – I don’t own a sewing box. I just have bits and pieces stuffed in a bag. This item will stay with me for life and will ensure I make do and mend.

Wooden sewing box

Wooden sewing box, £15, ALD Life, Penge

Wooden sewing box and kit

Wooden sewing box and kit, fully opened up.

Pete offered to keep it aside for me while I went to get my purse, then on the way out I spotted a rather gorgeous coat on a mannequin in the corner of the shop. Its by Zara, priced at £15 and looked as though it had hardly been worn. My tartan fixation drew me to it, but at size Medium I wasn’t sure what to do as this would normally be too big for me. Pete stepped in again, telling me how lovely it looked and that he’d throw in the accompanying scarf too. SOLD!

Zara double-breasted tartan coat and Malissa Collection grey scarf

Zara double-breasted tartan coat and Malissa Collection grey scarf, £15, ALD Life, Penge

But most importantly, after speaking to Natasha at the till, I learnt a little about a condition I knew pretty much nothing about before, and why the charity was set up. ALD is the shortened name for Adrenoleukodystrophy – a rare, genetic and terminal brain disorder mainly affecting apparently healthy young males. ALD Life is a charity that promotes awareness, research and prevention of this condition. You can learn more about ALD and ALD Life here.

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