Zen state of wardrobe

Its not often I get a Saturday to myself, so how do I celebrate this opportunity to relax, pamper, indulge – I declutter my wardrobe of course! Has to be done because of my pre-loved purchases from Fix Up Look Sharp, and Doncaster’s charity shops.

But I’ll start with today’s outfit, seeing as its primarily second-hand.


Today’s outfit

Sophia Mirza Jumper, £3.99, Age UK Doncaster
Fix Up Look Sharp skirt, £20
Doc Martens, £40, British Heart Foundation, Penge
Label Lab bag, £6.99, Cancer Research UK, Holloway Road, London

All of these items have featured on the blog before, except the bag, which I bought about 2 years ago. I love the mix of suede and leather, and the studs give it a rock feel, which is just what I like. Label Lab bags sell for around £40 in department stores like Debenhams, so it was a great bargain.

Label Lab bag

Label Lab bag, £6.99 from Cancer Research UK, Holloway Road, London.

And now for the donations. I did pretty well today, extracting those items that I don’t wear and am not likely to wear, so they may as well do some good elsewhere. Among today’s donations were 2 items Isabella has grown out of:

H&M child's coat

H&M child’s coat, age 3.

Next skirt, age 3

Next skirt, age 3.

…and from my wardrobe …

Diesel long sleeved T-shirt

Diesel long sleeved T-shirt with low scoop neck at the back.
Reason: the low scoop neck at the back – impractical.

Topshop black camisole vest

Topshop black camisole vest with thin white stripes.
Reason: Rarely worn although I’ve had it for years. I love it but get sick of pulling it down – not into midriff exposing.

I ended up with 2 full carrier bags of my and Isabella’s items fit for donation. British Heart Foundation, Penge, were the beneficiaries, and now my wardrobe is in a Zen state and I can eat some chocolate and honeycomb cheesecake.

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