Out and about: Herne Hill

Wow! 2 blog posts in 2 days. Today I met two of my closest friends in Herne Hill, southeast London, and just as I was about to set off I realised I was wearing a pretty thrifty outfit (totter on the coffee table moment – sorry didn’t keep the phone out of shot this time). And seeing as I’m spending the evening babysitting, I thought it was a good opportunity for another post to demonstrate how I fit charity shops into a typical Saturday.

So lets start with the outfit. I love this cardigan – one of my best purchases. The shape, fit and thickness of it means I can also use it as a coat. It is by Cocogio – an Italian label – and I picked it up from Bromley Oxfam for £6.99. Nica handbag and sterling silver and carnelian jewellery were also sourced second hand, as detailed below.


Cocogio cardigan, £6.99, Oxfam, Bromley
Nica handbag, free at clothes swap
Jewellery: Carnelian ring and brooch from local church auction

I also took the opportunity to drop off some donations to Herne Hill Oxfam – items included …

Top Shop khaki jersey dress

Top Shop khaki jersey dress
Reason: Too much breathing in needed to wear this dress!

New Look orange vest top

New Look orange vest top
Reason: Rarely worn, doesn’t go with my newly blonde hair.

Toddler Taming by Dr Christopher Green

Toddler Taming by Dr Christopher Green
Reason: We’re a bit beyond this now. Was useful though.

… plus more items that Isabella seems to be growing out of by the day.

I didn’t leave myself enough time to stop and browse, but I really wish I had. Oxfam Herne Hill looked pretty amazing with an interesting vintage section, some lovely clothes, paintings and small furniture items. There’s also an Oxfam bookshop over the road. I’ll be back!

(I promise to do better with the photography. My posts are fairly spontaneous.)

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