OK, so I’ve done it. I’ve pledged to source 95% of my wardrobe second hand (so this includes charity shops, vintage, upcycled, etc). I’m starting from a good base. We’ve just had the Clothes Swap Party and I got some lovely jewellery at a local auction. I don’t have enough time or house space to desire a vast wardrobe – lets see how it goes.

Fancy taking the pledge yourself? (it doesn’t have to be 95%!) – take a look at the link below and give it a go …

By the way – I said 95% because I thought underwear might be a problem – but then I heard about these guys – – ethical pants eh?! You learn something new every day. I’m still sticking to the 95% though as I need contingency space.

So I shall keep you and TRAID posted. I think it will be fun.

One thought on “TRAID’s #SECONDHANDFIRST Pledge

  1. We have worn clothes from landfill 24/7 for 6 years. And before that for 4 years 24/7 from charity stores. RUDE girl was charity shopping in the 1960s and for over two decades. A scavenger lifestyle has enabled us to be financially self sufficient in retirement [no Australian government pension] We now blog and share our frugal lifestyle journey at

    Beat the Man and wear secondhand first 24/7!

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