Clothes Swap Party

My good friend and Pilates teacher, Rea Mason, is a brilliant host and she sometimes holds a Clothes Swap Party. Infact she’s holding one this week. All who attend take 5-8 good quality items from our wardrobes that we might not have worn for months, or doesn’t fit any more, or for whatever reason, we think it would have a better life in a different home. I love these parties – a chat with your mates, wine, browsing for clothes – great evening out. Whatever doesn’t get a new home, goes to a charity shop.

So, in preparation, I have selected my items for the event:

Main picture: Fat Face burgundy jumper
Reason: I never wear it. It would work better for me if it was shorter.

Top Shop smock dress

Top Shop grey, blue and red tartan smock dress. Reason: An impulse buy that hasn’t worked out. Grey and blue don’t work for me.

Black cardigan

H&M black cardigan
Reason: Had it for years but I don’t wear it. Its a bit too big.

River Island pencil skirt

River Island black pencil skirt.
Reason: A half-hearted attempt to be smarter at work – but I’m not the smart type, and being stretchy – it wasn’t smart anyway.

Top Shop stripy long sleeved T

Top Shop silver and navy long-sleeved T-shirt.
Reason: Can’t remember why I bought this – but I don’t wear it anymore and even though I love stripes, just not these ones.

So, hopefully someone will give these items a good home – and I will find some items to adopt too.

I’ll report back after the party.

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