Nursery run chic!

Blogging is supposed to be a labour of love, taking time to craft beautiful content. Mine, however, demonstrates what can be achieved when you have very little time, but still love your subject matter. Here’s a little outfit I threw together this morning. I’m still working on selfie photography whilst tottering on tables and keeping the phone out of the way.

This All Saints cardigan from Cancer Research UK, Crystal Palace, has now become my favourite woollen item in my wardrobe. I usually don’t find great woollen items from charity shops as they are either stretched or bobbly. All Saints clothes are high quality and they never scrimp on material or arm length – as many high street stores do.

OK, the boots weren’t from a charity shop – but they are Salvatore Ferragamo’s, they were in a vintage shop and I was in Florence. Well done me, I say.

Salvatore Ferragamo boots

Salvatore Ferragamo boots bought from a vintage store in Florence for 90 euros.

Leopard print mini dress

Rage leopard print mini dress, bought from Oxfam Bromley for £6.99

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