Brick Lane Sunday

Met up with my very good friend, the lovely and very pregnant Ms Jo ‘Woo Be Red’ Caldwell. Tried out her snazzy camera on some blog snaps. We chose the East End’s Brick Lane as our rendezvous point and a lovely sunny autumn afternoon was had by both.

Main picture: Zara knitted smock, £7.99 British Heart Foundation, Penge
Doc Martens, £40 brand new, British Heart Foundation, Penge

Jo Caldwell

My mate Jo

Doc Martens

Doctor Martens, £40 brand new from British Heart Foundation, Penge

Carnelian ring

Carnelian and sterling silver ring, part of a hoard of jewellery for £20 from auction at Holy Trinity Church, Beckenham

Costume necklace

Costume necklace in metallic orange and grey beads – part of the same hoard of jewellery from auction for £20, Holy Trinity Church, Beckenham.

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